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Mon., Oct. 2 – TUITION IS DUE

Tues., Oct. 3 & Weds., Oct. 4– Picture Days with Julie Lilly hotography.

Wed., Oct. 4– Room Parent/Parent Volunteer Group meeting at 9:15 a.m. in room 204.

Fri., Oct. 6– SCHOOL CLOSED for staff in-service.

Tues., Oct. 17- JAM for Preschoolers. 3:15-4:00 p.m.

Fri., Oct. 20 – EPCC’s Pumpkin Patch on our play yard. Every child will receive a pumpkin.

Wed., Oct. 25 – Open House 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. All Welcome!

Mon., Oct. 30 – Fri., Nov. 3 SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR

Mon., Oct. 30 – Halloween parade and Bake Sale

9:15a.m. - 10:00a.m. in Fellowship Hall

Tues., Oct. 31– Halloween parties at snack time.

Wed., Nov. 1– Fall ’18 Kindergarten sign ups begin.

Wed., Nov. 1 – Room Parent/Parent Volunteer Group meeting at 9:15 a.m. in room 204.

Fri., Nov. 10 – SCHOOL CLOSED for Veteran’s Day.

Sat., Nov. 11 – Church Parking Lot Sale.

Fri., Nov 17 – Thanksgiving Feast 10:15 a.m. More info to come.

Wed., Nov. 22, Thurs., Nov., 23 & Fri., Nov 24 – SCHOOL CLOSED for Thanksgiving Holiday.




Pastor Ruth is our Commissioned Pastor of our church. She is a hardworking, friendly, dedicated Pastor whose positive attitude and smile make working with her a pleasure. Her commitment and professionalism extend to all areas of her job. Pastor Ruth is the JAM teacher with Ms. Antonela every Tuesday afternoon, and also the Messy Church creator and teacher. We have been very lucky to have her with us for the past 3 years. Pastor Ruth is BUSY!!!

She has three sons, Nathan, Josh and Nick and a beautiful granddaughter Lexi who is 2.5 years old. Pastor Ruth loves the colors slate blue, yellow and buttercup. Some of her favorites are: CA poppies, reading, baking, singing, knitting and she collects patterns for knitting. Her favorite holiday is Easter. She enjoys eating at In & Out, and Eclectee Café in Noho. For dessert, she loves carrot cake, hot fudge with vanilla ice cream and Scottish shortbread cookies. Thank you, Pastor Ruth for all your hard work; you make a world of difference.



The following are our phone extension that might be helpful to you:

Director: Cathleen Trapani at Ext. 119, Asst. Director Anie Kederian at Ext. 117 & Bookkeeper Tracie Cordle at Ext. 125

TUITION: Please remember that tuition is due on the first of each month unless otherwise arranged with the director. There will be a $25.00 late fee added to your tuition account if payment is not received by the 7th. As we do not send statements home, be sure to look for tuition reminders on all classroom doors.

ILLNESS POLICY: As expected, colds and viruses are already going around. Thank you for keeping your children home when they are sick. By doing so, we can stop the spread of illness a little bit faster. Remember that children must be symptom free for 24 hours before they can return to school.

EMERGENCY DRILLS: Each month we will be practicing fire and earthquake drills as part of our curriculum. These drills are required by the state and are not meant to frighten the children. Take a moment to ask your child how these drills are carried out in their classrooms.

FUNDRAISERS: We have a variety of fundraisers throughout the school year. Although you are not required to participate we appreciate any and all participation. We raise funds for:

•Our E.P.C.C. Pumpkin Patch (all Children receive a pumpkin).

•Our E.P.C.C. Snow Day. We have 10 tons of snow blown onto our play yard.

•Replacing, repairing and purchasing new equipment for our classrooms and play ground. Examples . . . balance bikes, water table, basketball hoops, etc.

SPECIAL THANKS: A very special thank you to all who have and are participating in our Tupperware, McDonalds and Yankee Candle fundraisers. We appreciate your support.

SUSAN STONE: On Wednesday, September 27th we had Susan Stone come and speak about “Helping Children Be Successful at School”. She was fabulous as always. Thanks to Albert Riusech (K), Kelechi Dike(101& 102), Vanessa Logan( 102 & 106), Jennifer Szczotka (103),

Mary Hill (105) for attending our parent education workshop. We try to have free parenting workshops available for you to attend to help you with the most difficult but rewarding job of parenting.

HEALTHY SNACKS AND LUNCHES: Please remember to sign up for snack approximately once each month in your child’s classroom. Please keep snacks healthy. Cookies, cakes and doughnuts are not appropriate for every day snacks. Fruits, veggies, cereal bars, string cheese and crackers are always popular choices. Be sure to send skim milk or water. Thank you for your participation in our healthy snack program. Remember to send utensils with your child’s lunch if he/she needs them. Teachers cannot leave the classroom to get spoons and forks for the children. Additionally, be sure that all snacks and lunches are sent to school ” ready to serve.”

CHURCH NEWS: The staff of First Presbyterian Church welcomes all students and parents to this school year. Please know we are available and here to assist you if needed. As a Commissioned Pastor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) I can offer pastoral counseling, dialogue with questions of faith, offer suggestions for further and invite you to our Sunday morning church services at ten am. We provide weekly Sunday school classes as well. Please let me know how I might best serve your needs.

In addition, we have an intergenerational worship service called Messy Church. It is offered from 5 – 7pm on the first Friday of the month and the 3rd Saturday from 10 a.m.-12:00 p.m. We have a story to share through games, crafts, a 16 minute worship service, music and dinner. All are welcome and bring your friends and neighbors. We have children as young as one year old to members who are in their 80s. Monthly we have teenagers who come and volunteer to offer their time and enthusiasm.

As a career social worker, licensed in the state of California, it is now my pleasure to work at this church. By providing Jesus and Me (JAM) sessions on Tuesday afternoons with

Ms. Antonela from 3:15pm – 4:00pm, we offer a structured time of Christian education. We have 27 children registered this year and there is room for more! We think together about what it means to be loved by God. We talk about how to be disciples of Jesus. How was Jesus a role model for us in 2017? How do we treat each other and the entirety of creation as children of faith? I am pleased to offer office hours weekly from 8:45am until 9:45am. If you wish alternate times, call or email and we can set up another time that is convenient to you. My work number is

(818) 788-1147 ext.115.

I look forward to getting to know more and more of you as the years continue. Ruth C. Mandernach LCSW, MA, Commissioned Pastor.

WORSHIP: For any families interested in finding a church home, First Presbyterian Church Encino, offers a worship service at 10:00 a.m. including Sunday School programs for all children. All are welcome.

Amazon Smile:

Amazon Gives to Encino Presbyterian Children’s Center: Attention Amazon Shoppers! Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Encino Presbyterian Children’s Center every time you shop, at no cost to you. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to our school.

All you need to do is to sign on through the Amazon Smile link:https://smile.amazon.com/ch/95-1831056 or using your existing account login, you can select First Presbyterian Church of Encino as your charitable organization. Amazon will remember your selection and Encino Presbyterian Children’s Center will receive the donation. Shopper identities and purchases are not disclosed to the school.

Be sure to tell your family and friends and remember to bookmark the Amazon Smile link.

EPCC WEBSITE: Please be sure to check out our website epcckids.info for up to date information regarding school events and activities.

CLOTHING: Please be sure to adhere to our clothing policy as outlined in the Parent Handbook. We have noticed many children at school wearing sandals. Remember, shoes must cover toes and heels and have non-slip soles. This is for the safety of your children.

PICTURE DAYS: Will be on Tuesday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 4.

On Tuesday, K, 102,105, and Wednesday, 101, 103, 104, and 106 will have their pictures taken. Pre-payment is required for your child’s picture to be taken. Order forms and envelopes have gone home.

ROOM PARENT/PARENT VOLUNTEER GROUP MEETING: Our second meeting will be held on Wed., Oct. 5th at 9:15a.m. in room 204 (upstairs). If you are interested in helping with our school events or with classroom parties please come to the meeting to find out what you can do. The room parents for this year are:

101: Karine Margaryan

Jennifer Mero

Angie Platt

102: Jenna Spence

Vanessa Logan

103:Jaymee Turner

104: Sara Alvarez

105:Juliana Gross

Mary Hill

106:Kathryn Voght

Vanessa Logan

K:Nina Salehi

Safoura Majma

E.P.C.C.’S PUMPKIN PATCH: Friday October 20th. For more information check out Peeking Over the Fence with Mrs. Gael on the last page.

OPEN HOUSE: On Wed., Oct. 25th. We will host an Open House from 6:30-8:00p.m. This is a great opportunity to come in and meet the teachers in an informal setting. The children love to show off their class work to friends and relatives so invite the whole gang. This also gives parents of our Pre-K kids a chance to check our exceptional Kindergarten program. Sign up sheets will be posted in each room for refreshment donations and set up/clean up help. Don’t miss this great night. Invite the whole family!

HALLOWEEN PARADE & BAKE SALE: On Mon., Oct. 30th, we will host our annual Halloween Parade and Sing-A-Long. Children are encouraged to wear costumes to school, however, masks and weapons are not allowed. Be sure to send a change of clothes for after the parade. Plan on joining us for this fun parade. The children will be practicing the songs all month long. Tues./Thurs. children are welcome to join in the parade provided parents stay for the event. There will be a sign-up in your child’s classroom for yummy festively wrapped goodies for our bake sale.


REGISTRATION: On Wed., Nov. 1st priority registration will begin for our Fantastic Kindergarten for Fall 2018. Registration will be open only to families currently enrolled in our preschool program and will be on a first come first served basis. Only 22 spaces will be available for the upcoming school year. You can check out our Kindergarten between 7:00--8:00p.m. on the night of Open House.


The Mrs. Sciarabba EPCC Library has been reorganized! Some of the areas you will find in the library are children’s books filed by the author’s last name, Disney books, Sesame Street books, Young Readers, and a new section of Pop-Up books. With the reorganization - comes new procedures. The library will now run on the Honor System. Simply borrow a book from the library and return it within 2 weeks, so that all our students can enjoy them. In consideration of others, when returning books, please return your book to the shelf where you found it. If you are uncertain where it goes, please place the book in the basket and one of the library volunteers will return it to the proper place. Happy Reading!


Obesity and poor nutrition is a big problem among our youth. In an effort to help our children have a healthy snack, to give them the energy they need to make it through their day; we are asking that you please adhere to our snack suggestion sheet when it is your child’s snack day. The teachers are always willing to cut up fruit and vegetables.

Let’s work together; this is our way to partner with you in helping our children to learn healthy nutritional habits.

Thank you to all who have provided morning snacks for the children. Please remember we are nut free school and have a few children with sesame seed allergies too. We have had some great snacks so far.


•Please pick up your child on time as teachers have other commitments elsewhere.

•Each day, please clean out your child’s lunch box. Soft-sided lunch boxes get especially dirty and tend to absorb odors if not washed out daily.

•Please do not block classroom doorways at pick up time. We need to be able to make smooth Transitions with the children from one room to the next and this is difficult when parents and siblings are waiting in the doorways. Your help in these matters is greatly appreciated.

•Please drive slowly and cautiously in our parking lot.


ROOM 101: We are off to a great start! Everyone is adjusting beautifully to our schedule and routine. We are busy recognizing our names and learning initials. We are reviewing our shapes and colors and having fun making collages and cooking. We have also been practicing our earthquake and fire drills. Our famous bookworm is already growing. Don’t forget to join us for Open House on the 25th. (Look for sign-up sheets to bring tasty treats). Remember, the children may bring books to class everyday, but share day is on Friday only. Please bring a Ziploc bag with extra clothes labeled with your child’s name to stay inside their cubby and we also need Clorox wipes and newspapers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mrs. Geni & Miss Jessica

ROOM 102: What a pleasure it is to see the children settled in their new classes. In September, we had fun learning about apples our five senses and the seasons. In October, we will be preparing for Open House and learning about nocturnal animals, shapes, pumpkins and Halloween. We will also learn lots of songs for our Halloween Parade. Our classroom is working hard to get ready for Open House. Be sure to invite family and friends to this very special night. We will be picking pumpkins from our own pumpkin patch this month. Just a few reminders: be sure to label all of your child’s belongings, make sure shoes cover toes and heels.

See you all at Open House.

Mrs. Asma & Ms. Antonela

ROOM 103: We are so excited to move into Autumn and see the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. Watch for our tree in 103 to make some changes as well. We are busy decorating for Open House on October 25th and hope you will invite family and friends to visit our room that evening. Your children have enjoyed planting seeds and working in our garden. We have been busy making friends, sharing, following directions, and working on our good manners. As we learn more about Halloween, we will discuss "fantasy" and "nocturnal" animals. Look for those words on our "word of the week" wall. Join us for the Halloween Parade and party on Monday, October 30th. Remember to keep those share books coming on Monday and Wednesday, and toys on Friday.

Happy Autumn.

Mrs. Joanna & Mrs. Jennifer

ROOM 104: Wow! It’s already October! We will be learning about fall leaves, spiders, pumpkins and bats. Halloween ghosts, cats and witches as well as Halloween stories and songs will be part of our curriculum this month. We have also been practicing our earthquake and fire drills. In October, we will be decorating our room for Open House. Open House will be on Wednesday Oct. 25th, be sure to invite family and friends to come look at all your child’s hard work. Please remember to bring a Ziploc bag with extra clothes labeled with your child’s name to stay in their cubby. Please check your child’s file regularly. We have 8 friends in room 104, and Friday is our share day. See you all at Open House.

Mrs. Silva & Mrs. Sossi

ROOM 105: It is such a joy for us to see how well the children are adjusting to their new class, new teachers and new friends. This month we will be learning about Fall, spiders, bats, skeletons, owls, pumpkins and witches. Ask your little goblins about our “spooky town.” This will surely put you in a Halloween fright! If you have not signed up for snack yet, please do so. On their snack day, all children enjoy being “leader for a day.” Our “Featured Family” project will start next week. The children really enjoy sharing their pictures and talking in great detail about their own special family. Don’t forget to join us for Open House on the 25th. (Look for sign-up sheets to bring tasty treats).

Mrs. Wall & Ms. Annie

ROOM 106: October is here!!! We are so happy to see new friends joining our classroom. This month we will talk about our feelings and help our youngest friends learn how to express themselves. We can’t wait to start our fall and Halloween art projects. We will be singing lots of Halloween songs. Thank you, to Jude’s mommy (Kathryn) and Willow’s mommy (Vanessa) for volunteering as our Room moms. We are looking forward to seeing you at Open House on Wednesday October 25th (Look for sign-up sheets to bring tasty treats). Just a few reminders: Please Please sign-ups for snacks, our friends are so hungry after we play outside. Remember to check your child’s folder for important papers and projects to bring home. Also, bring extra clothes including socks and extra shoes and please label everything. We would like to welcome Bradley Wang and Hanna Nelson and their families to our classroom. Trick or treat!!!

Mrs. Karine & Mrs. Shahla

PEEKING OVER THE FENCE WITH MRS. GAEL: What is going on out on the playground? Due to the great success of our annual Pumpkin Patch, we will be setting up our own Pumpkin Patch on our play yard. We will have spooky TATTOOS, face painting, games and music! Each child will select their own pumpkin to take home. Afterwards, we will be snacking on homemade pumpkin muffins. So on Friday, October 20th, have your child dress “farmer style” in blue jeans or in pumpkin orange!

AFTER NAP: Wow it’s already October! Our October theme will be Halloween and Fall. We will be busy learning new songs and dance moves, lots of arts and crafts such as spiders, ghosts, cats, Jack-O-Lanterns, masks etc. Leaves are falling and the weather is cooling. Please provide your children with jackets, extra clothes, socks and pair of shoes. Don’t forget to label all their belongings to avoid any confusion. We hope to see you all on Wednesday, Oct. 25th at Open House. Be sure to check out our art boards in the hallways, as they are full of beautiful art work handmade by your little artists. Thanks!

Mrs. Eva, Mrs. Salma, Miss Rachel, Miss Amanda Miss Lucia,

Miss Hayden And Miss Darby

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